Our mission

Why isn't e-sport possible for everyone? Why do you always have to play for money in e-sports? With these questions Agontronic was founded.

Our small team has set itself the task to make e-sports more accessible for the masses as well as for companies of all sizes.



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Our focus


We are constantly developing new ways to put your product in the spotlight possible.

Clear data

We know how important data analysis is. That's why we put a lot of emphasis on overview and clarity.

Fast. Simple. Effective.

Not everyone has five days and a full team at their disposal. That's where we come in.

Reduce bottlenecks

Your target group is already there. Don't waste money and time to funnel your audience.

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Our passion

We want to build bridges. With our work, we want to help players experience additional fun through the tournaments and companies have a quick and promising way to promote their products as well as better understand their clientele.

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