SaaS for e-sport marketing.

Promote your products in your self-made e-sport tournaments. Reach the audience you need.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration

Give your product a spotlight.

Create and design the e-sport tournament you want. Thousands of players are waiting to compete for your prizes.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

The audience that matters.

Convince with your products and you convince the majority. Agontronic is the home of thousands of e-sport players. Players who want to keep their hardware and software up to date. Many of these players can become brand enthusiasts. Your brand.

Interactive marketing.
Your target audience is already here.


Reduce bottlenecks.

Your target group is already here. Don't waste money and time to funnel your audience.


Reach different platforms.

Different platforms means different needs. But Agontronic has them all. Decide for yourself which platform you would like to achieve.


recognize behaviors.

Get clear data-insights as an enterprise client about the user behavior in Agontronic.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Created in 10 min.

Our easy-to-use interface lets you create a tournament in under ten minutes. The created tournament is put online after a short check and is immediately accessible to all players.

Other great features


Convince with your products and you convince the majority.

In app branding.

Reach all Agontronic users with in app ads. Determine runtime and design by yourself.

Data insights.

Agontronic gives you professional insight into user behaviour.

Brand SDK

Get your own SDK. Track or compare your own tournaments with others.