E-sport engine (Beta)
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E-sport engine (Beta)

Our e-sport engine is ready to use.

We are ready! Our e-sport engine has passed our QA and is ready for live testing.
Based on different subscriptions with different features adapted to the size of the company, we offer three variants of our engine. Start up, Business and Enterprise.
Each variant offers you a new and easy way to offer your products as prizes in e-sport tournaments. You have full flexibility over every possible parameter. Number of winners, range, type of prizes, duration and much more. You decide. Our easy-to-use interface lets you create a tournament in under 10 minutes. Once set up, your tournament will be directly available in our e-sports app Agontronic and accessible to thousands of players. Depending on the variant, additional marketing features are available. Examples are in app ads, push notifications or data analytics and much more. With our engine you put your products in the spotlight and reach exactly the target group you need. E-sport enthusiasts who want to keep their hardware up to date.
Join our beta now and get full access to all features, for free.
We are looking forward to you.

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