Agontronic e-sport engine

Our first development was an esport tournament engine which was successfully implemented on the market. Equipped with numerous features, it simplifies the creation of tournaments for companies that want to promote their products in the esport sector.

Desktop and Mobile illustration


push ad

The right ad for the right audience.

Say goodbye to assumptions about the placements of your ads. With us, you present your ads exclusively to gamers.


The winners mail.

After a tournament, we will automatically notify the winners. You can choose the right template when creating your tournament so that the contact with the winners is as easy as possible for you.



With us you become part of large user surveys where products, brands and much more is decided. You get an overview of the popularity of your product or learn about the needs of the audience.


Let's connect.

Let the players connect with your social media accounts as an entry point to your tournament.

product survey

Recognize trends.

Include a short survey as an entry point to your tournament. Get a quick and easy insight about possible trends.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

The e-sport app in the pockets.

The tournaments that were created in the engine were at times played in our specially developed esport mobile app, which brought esport tournaments to the player without any obligations. With many features such as clan tournaments and solo runs, the app enjoyed great popularity in the market.

Always present

Wider audience

Easier communication